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2019 Beer List

The 29th Festival will be held on Fri 22nd - Sat 23rd March 2019 once again at Brighton Racecourse.

Our provisional beer list for the 2019 festival is below, split by nationwide breweries and Sussex breweries.

The key for the styles is: B: Bitter, M: Mild, G: Golden ale, I: IPA, O: Old/Porter/Stout, P: Pale Ale, S: Strong Ale/Barley Wine, U: Unusual. A guide to the different beer styles can be found here.

National brewery Beer ABV Style
Adnams Old Ale 4.1% O
Allendale Golden Plover 4.0% G
Ayr Rabbie's Porter 4.3% O
Backyard The Hoard 3.9% B
Bank Top Flat Cap 4.0% B
Binghams Brickworks Bitter 4.2% B
Black Hole IPA 5.2% I
Bradfield Farmers Blonde 4.0% G
Burton Bridge Thomas Sykes 10.0% S
Charnwood Salvation 3.8% G
Coach House Gunpowder Mild 3.8% M
Elland Nettlethrasher 4.4% B
Fyne Avalanche 4.5% G
Great Heck Yakima IPA 7.4% I
Hambleton Stud Blonde 4.2% G
Hanlons Port Stout 4.8% U
Hawkshead Red 4.2% B
Holden's Black Country Mild 3.7% M
Humpty Dumpty Swallowtail 4.0% B
Ilkley Ruby Jane Mild 4.0% M
Loddon Hocus Pocus 4.6% O
Old Mill Blonde Bombshell 4.0% B
Orkney Red MacGregor 4.0% B
Palmers Tally Ho! 5.5% O
Phipps NBC Gold Star 5.2% B
Potbelly Piggin' Saint 4.2% U
Old Dairy Copper Top 4.1% B
Old Dairy Snow Top 6.0% O
Reunion Opening Gambit 3.8% B
Reunion Talwar 4.5% G
Robinsons Brew Monday 4.1% U
Strathaven Craigmill Mild 3.5% M
Tring Death or Glory 7.2% S
Tryst Carronade 4.2% P
Twickerham Gothick Dark 4.6% M
Vale Pale Ale 4.2% P
Wadworth Swordfish 5.0% B
Wibblers Apprentice 3.9% B
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Sussex Brewery Beer ABV Style
1648 La Brunette 4.2% B
1648 Triple Champion 4.0% B
360 Degrees Oatmeal Stout 4.5% O
360 Degrees Single Hop Jester 4.1% P
Adur Hoptoken Citra 4.0% B
Arundel Black Stallion 3.7% M
Arundel Brewhouse Best 4.0% B
Battle Black Arrow Porter 4.5% O
Bedlam Phoenix 3.9% P
Bedlam Redroaster 5.0% O
Brew Studio Acoustic Pale 4.0% P
Brew Studio Duo Stout 5.2% O
Brighton Bier Grand Havana 5.0% O
Brighton Bier West Pier 4.0% P
Brolly Aurora Brollyalis Porter 6.0% O
Brolly C.O.W 4.8% P
Cellar Head Spring Pale 4.0% P
Cellar Head Hop Project #001 4.5% P
Chapeau Flamme Rouge 4.2% U
Dark Star Revelation 5.7% B
Dark Star Session IPA 4.2% I
Downlands Bramber 4.5% U
Downlands Devils Dyke Honey Porter 5.0% O
Engineer Winter's Ale 4.8% O
Firebird Festive 51 4.8% B
Firebird Parody 4.5% I
Franklins Champagne Supernova 4.6% U
Franklins Last Waltz 5.0% U
Goldmark Mermaids Pale 6.8% I
Greyhound Booster 4.4% U
Greyhound Good Ordinary Bitter 3.8% B
Gribble Wobbler 7.2% S
Gun Scaramanga Extra Pale 3.9% P
Gun Project Babylon 4.6% P
Hammerpot Shepherd's Warmer 5.5% O
Hammerpot Baltic Porter 7.4% S
Hand Low Five 3.8% P
Harvey's Old Ale 4.3% O
Harvey's Dark Mild 3.0% M
Heathen ISA 3.9% P
Heathen Mocha 7.0% S
Hepworth BeeREXIT 3.6% U
High Weald Charcoal Burner 4.3% O
High Weald Chronicle 3.8% B
Holler Extra Pale 4.0% P
Holler West Coast IPA 5.5% I
Hurst Keepers Gold 4.4% G
Kiln Session IPA 4.1% I
Kissingate Black Cherry Mild 4.2% M
Kissingate Murder of Crows 10.0% S
Laine Breaker Pale Ale 4.1% P
Langham Arapaho 4.9% G
Langham Triple XXX 4.4% M
Lister's Premium Gold 5.0% G
Lister's Westmorland Dark Mild 3.7% M
Loud Shirt Hypnosis Pale 4.5% P
Loud Shirt Psychedelic IPA 5.1% I
Pin Up Pale Ale 5.1% P
Riverside Rambling Monarch 3.6% P
Riverside Tubber's Tipple 5.6% B
Rother Valley Blues 5.0% O
Rother Valley Smild 3.8% M
Sussex Small Batch Tiramisu Stout 6.5% O
Three Legs English IPA 5.0% I
Watchmakers Second Hand APA 5.1% P
Weltons Dr French's Whisky Rye 8.2% S
Weltons Old Harry 5.2% B

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