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2017 Beer List

The 28th Festival will be held on Thurs 22nd - Sat 24th March 2018 once again at Brighton Racecourse.

A updated beer list (as at 21March 2017) is ordered alphabetically by brewery and is split into 1-C, D-G, H-N and O-Y. A guide to the different beer styles can be found here.

A copy of the tasting notes based on the first provisional beer list is now available to download (47kb, 4 pages), as is the programme (1.8mb pdf file).

Notified replacements (changes from the provisional list from 6 March and the programme) are listed below (and reflected in the full table below).

Brewery Beer ABV
1648 Hop Pocket 3.7%
1648 Winter Warrant 4.8%
360 Degree Rye Pale 5.2%
360 Degree Stout 4.5%
Acorn Old Moor Porter 4.4%
Adur Black William 5.0%
Adur Ropetackle Golden Ale 3.7%
Arbor Ales Shangri-La 4.2%
Arundel Black Stallion 3.7%
Arundel Easy Hopper 3.4%
Ayr Rabbie's Porter 4.3%
B & T Black Dragon Mild 4.3%
B & T Dragon Slayer 4.5%
Ballard's Best Bitter 4.2%
Ballard's Midhurst Mild 3.5%
Beachy Head Lighthouse 3.5%
Beachy Head Parson Porter 5.0%
Beartown Beartown Polar Eclipse 4.8%
Bedlam Benchmark 4.0%
Bedlam Golden 4.2%
Bespoke Money for Old Rope 4.8%
Binghams Vanilla Stout 5.0%
Black Cat Crossale 4.1%
Black Cat Nine Tails 4.9%
Black Sheep Special Ale 4.4%
Brains Dark 3.5%
Brampton One Trick Pony 4.8%
Branscombe Vale Summa This 4.2%
Brewsmith Oatmeal Stout 5.2%
Brighton Bier No Name Stout 5.0%
Brighton Bier South Coast IPA 5.0%
Brinkburn Street Byker Blonde 4.0%
Brinkburn Street Tino 4.8%
Burning Sky Aurora 5.6%
Burning Sky Plateau 3.5%
By The Horns Lambeth Walk 5.1%
Cairngorm Wildcat 5.1%
Camel Amber Rambler 4.0%
Castle Rock Elsie Mo 4.7%
Conwy Clogwyn Gold 3.6%
Crouch Vale Eldorado 3.9%
Crouch Vale Snowdrop 4.2%
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Brewery Beer ABV
Daleside Monkey Wrench 5.3%
Dark Star American Brown 5.0%
Dark Star Art of Darkness 3.5%
Dark Star Festival 5.0%
Dartmoor Best 3.7%
Derwent Whitwell & Marks Mild 3.7%
Devon Earth Lost In The Woods 5.2%
Downlands Hop Contract #1 4.4%
Downlands West Indian Pale Ale 6.5%
Drygate Seven Peaks IPA 5.0%
Eight Arch Corbel 5.5%
Emal Isca Gold 4.0%
FILO Crofters 3.8%
FILO Gold 4.8%
Firebird Sorachi Ace 4.4%
Firebird Two Horses 3.8%
Franklins Optimist 5.0%
Franklins Resurrection EPA 4.2%
Ghost Phantom IPA 5.3%
Gloucester Gold 3.9%
Goldmark Moshpit IPA 5.6%
Goldmark Wah Wah IPL 5.2%
Great Oakley Tiffield Thunderbolt 4.2%
Great Western Moose River 5.0%
Green Jack Trawlerboys 4.6%
Grey Trees Diggers Gold 4.0%
Greyhound Blackbird 5.4%
Greyhound Blonde Bird 3.9%
Gribble Ale 4.1%
Gribble Reg's Tipple 5.0%
Gun Oak Aged Whisky Stout 7.4%
Gun Project Babylon 4.6%
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Brewery Beer ABV
Hackney APA 4.5%
Hambleton Stud Blonde 4.3%
Hammerpot Bottle Wreck Reserve 6.0%
Hammerpot Copper Bitter 3.7%
Hand Quicker Than The Eye 5.4%
Hand Shaka 4.0%
Hanlons Stormstay 5.0%
Harvey's (New IPA)  
Harvey's Lewes Castle Brown 4.8%
Harvey's Prince of Denmark 7.5%
Hawkshead Windermere Bitter 3.7%
Hawkshead Windermere Pale 3.5%
Heathen Heathen India Session Ale 3.9%
Heathen Hoppler Effect 2nd Wave 6.4%
Hepworth Iron Horse 4.8%
Hepworth Prospect Organic 4.5%
Heritage St Modwen's Golden Ale 4.1%
High Weald Chronicle 3.8%
High Weald Greenstede 4.0%
Hurst Keepers Golden Ale 4.4%
Hurst Watchtower London Porter 5.5%
Kelham Island Pale Rider 5.2%
Kendrick's 1823 Mild 3.5%
Kennet & Avon Savernake 5.3%
Kent Prohibition APA 4.8%
Kiln Bricks & Porter 5.6%
Kiln Southern Pale 5.2%
Kissingate (Black Cherry) En Plus 7.0%
Kissingate Black Cherry 4.2%
Kissingate Murder of Crows 10.0%
Langham Halfway to Heaven 3.5%
Langham Triple XXX 4.4%
Leeds Best 4.3%
Lister's American Pale Ale 4.2%
Lister's Special Ale 4.6%
Long Man Golden Tipple 4.7%
Long Man Old Man 4.3%
Lymestone Stone The Crows 5.4%
Mauldons Black Adder 5.3%
Moorhouse's Pride of Pendle 4.1%
Mordue Allelic Drift 5.0%
Mr Grundy's Golden Dawn 4.0%
New Lion Totnes Stout 4.4%
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Brewery Beer ABV
Oakham Citra 4.2%
Oakham Green Devil IPA 6.0%
Ossett Big Red 4.0%
Outstanding Imperial IPA 7.4%
Palmers Tally Ho! 5.5%
Pig & Porter Red Spider Rye 4.8%
Pig & Porter Temporary Truth 4.2%
Pin-Up Fernie Red 4.7%
Pin-Up Gold Rush 4.2%
Polarity Rosetta's Comet IPA 5.4%
Portobello Market Porter 4.6%
Prospect Nutty Slack 3.9%
Purple Moose Dark Side of the Moose 4.6%
Purple Moose Elderflower 4.0%
Quantock Nightjar 3.9%
RCH Chocolate Slug 4.5%
RCH Hewish Mild 3.6%
Rectory Rector's Revenge 5.0%
Riverside Beeding Best 4.2%
Riverside Tubber's Tipple 5.6%
Rother Valley Boadicea 4.5%
Rother Valley Juniper Porter 4.2%
Salopian Shropshire Gold 3.8%
Saltaire Pride 3.9%
Saltaire Triple Chocolate 4.8%
Sambrook's Battersea Rye 4.5%
Sambrook's Pumphouse Pale 4.2%
Settle Blood Orange 4.8%
Severn Vale Nibley Ale 3.8%
Skinner's Lushingtons 4.2%
Sonnet 43 Making a Case 4.8%
Sonnet 43 Seraphim 4.1%
Stonehenge Danish Dynamite 5.0%
Thornbridge Brock 4.1%
Thornbridge Jaipur 5.9%
Three Legs English IPA 5.5%
Three Legs Pale 3.7%
Tiny Rebel Cwtch 4.6%
Tiny Rebel Fugg Life 4.2%
Titanic Plum Porter 4.9%
Top-Notch Olicana SmaSH 4.5%
Tring Death or Glory 7.2%
Triple fff Pressed Rat & Warthog 3.8%
Tudor Blorenge 3.8%
Unbarred Grapefruit IPA 5.0%
Vibrant Forest Amarillo Pale 5.0%
Vibrant Forest Kick-Start 4.8%
VOG Dark Matter 4.4%
Weird Beard Black Perle 3.8%
Weird Beard Little Things That Kill 3.5%
Weltons Ira Jones 6.0%
Weltons Red Rose Mild 4.9%
Woodforde's Wherry 3.8%

Changes (where notified):

Additions: Deletions:
Brains Dark, 3.5% Burscough Flat Rib
Devon Earth Lost In The Woods, 5.2% Clun Citadel
Mr Grundy's Golden Dawn, 4% Driftwood Alfie's Revenge
Settle Blood Orange, 4.8% Monty's Masquerade
Weird Beard Little Things That Kill, 3.5% Orkney Red MacGregor
  Rectory Light Relief, Rector's Revenge

Note that, due to the nature of every beer festival, last-minute substitutions may occur on the day (and some beers may fail to reach condition and may not be available at all).

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