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2018 Beer List

The 29th Festival will be held on Fri 22nd - Sat 23rd March 2019 once again at Brighton Racecourse.

Our provisional beer list (as at 12 March 2018) is ordered alphabetically by brewery and is split into A-G, H-Y, Sussex 1-G and Sussex H-W.

The key to the styles are: B: Bitter, M: Mild, G: Golden ale, I: IPA, O: Old/Porter/Stout, P: Pale Ale, S: Strong Ale/Barley Wine, U: Unusual. A guide to the different beer styles can be found here.

Notified replacements (changes from the original list and the programme) are listed below (and reflected in the full table below).

Brewery Beer ABV Style
Adnams Southwold Bitter 3.7% B
B&T Shefford Mild 3.8% M
Bang On Cariad 4.1% U
Barngates Cracker Ale 3.9% B
Barngates Red Bull Terrier 4.8% U
Beartown Bearskinful 4.2% B
Binghams Doodle Stout 5.0% O
Blue Monkey 99 Red Baboons 4.2% M
Bob's Black Lion Mild 3.9% M
Bragdy Twt Lol Buwch Goch Gota 3.7% U
Bridgehouse Porter 4.5% O
Butcombe Original 4.0% B
Cairngorm Cairngorm Gold 4.5% U
Campervan North Eastern 3.6% P
Castle Rock Sherwood Reserve 4.5% O
Castles Brewery White Knight 4.1% G
Cheddar Bitter Bully Pale Ale 3.8% P
Church Farm Pale Ale 3.8% P
Coastal Poseidon Extra 4.5% P
Connoisseur Toff in a Shed 4.3% B
Country Life Old Appledore 3.7% B
Croft Uproar 5.6% I
Cross Bay Halo EPA 3.6% P
Cross Bay Ripa Red 4.0% I
Cullercoats Rocket Brigade IPA 5.5% I
Cullercoats Shuggy Boat Blonde 3.8% G
Dancing Duck Ay Up 3.9% B
Dark Revolution Atomic Session Pale 3.8% P
Dartmoor Jail Ale 4.8% G
Errant Comanche Porter 4.5% O
Exe Valley It's Phil's Ale 4.8% G
Exeter Avocet 3.9% B
Exmoor Stag 5.2% B
Fallen Acorn Double Tide 5.0% U
Fallen Acorn Expedition IPA 5.5% I
Fine Tuned Free Style 4.5% G
Firebrand Graffiti IPA 5.0% I
Forge Brewery Discovery 3.8% B
Forge Brewery Litehouse 4.3% G
G2 Plough 4.4% I
Goacher's Crown Imperial Stout 4.5% O
Goose Eye Chinook Blonde 4.2% G
Great Heck Black Jesus 6.5% I
Green Jack Ripper Tripel 8.5% S
Gyle 59 Caribbean Cocktail 4.5% U
Brewery Beer ABV Style
Hattie Brown Moonlite 4.8% G
Heavy Industry 7,7 4.9% B
Heavy Industry Electric Mountain 3.8% B
Hop Back Entire Stout 4.5% O
Hop Stuff Fusilier 4.3% B
Irving Admiral Stout 4.3% O
Irving Frigate 3.9% B
Kelburn Dark Moor 4.5% O
Kelburn Misty Law 4.0% B
Kent Twelth Night 7.4% S
Kent Brewers Reserve 5.0% P
Kettlesmith Syline Saison 5.6% U
Keystone Gold Spice 4.0% U
Ludlow Gold 4.2% G
Mallinsons Dana Centennial 4.1% G
Mantle Moho 4.3% P
Marble Chocolate 5.5% O
Mumbles Lifesaver 4.9% B
Orkney Skullsplitter 8.5% S
Park Killcat Pale 3.7% P
Penzance Scilly Stout 7.0% S
Pershore Oh Betty 5.0% U
Portobello American Pale Ale 5.0% P
Ramsgate Gadd's No3 Kent Pale Ale 5.0% P
Ramsgate Gadds Oatmeal Stout 4.6% O
RAW Big Funky 6.2% P
RAW Grey Ghost 5.9% I
Redemption Fellowship Porter 5.1% O
Redemption Hopspur 4.5% B
Robinsons Old Tom 8.5% S
Rooster's Baby Faced Assassin 6.1% I
Rudgate Viking 3.8% B
Rudgate York Chocolate Stout 5.0% O
Salopian Darwin's Origin 4.3% B
Sambrook's Imperial Russian Stout 10.4% S
Settle Mainline Bitter 3.8% B
Siren Yu-Lu 3.6% P
Strathaven Ales Old Mortality 4.2% B
Summer Wine Firefly Pale 4.7% P
Summer Wine Motueka Pale 4.0% P
Surrey Hills Shere Drop 4.2% B
Swan Ruffled Feathers 3.8% B
Swannay Scapa Special 4.2% B
Tillingbourne Dormouse 3.8% B
Timothy Taylor Dark Mild 3.5% M
Titanic Mild 3.5% M
Triple fff Alton Pride 3.8% B
Triple fff Moondance 4.2% P
Untapped Coldharbour 6.5% I
Vale Black Swan Mild 3.9% M
Veterans Brewing 0.303 4.1% G
Veterans Brewing Tracer 4.2% B
Windswept Wolf 6.0% O
Wold Top Wold Gold 4.8% G
Yorkshire Heart Darkheart Mild 4.0% M
Sussex Brewery Beer ABV Style
1648 Chocolate Orange Mild 3.6% M
1648 Hop Pocket 3.7% B
360 Degrees Blood Orange IPA 4.9% I
360 Degrees India Porter 5.8% O
Adur Black William 5.0% O
Arundel Sussex Gold 4.2% G
Arundel Wild Heaven 5.2% P
Battle Abbey Pale 5.0% P
Battle Conquest 4.1% B
Bedlam Amagansett APA 5.0% P
Bedlam Three Threads 5.6% O
Brighton Bier No Name Stout 5.0% O
Brolly C.O.W 4.8% P
Brolly Organiser's Bitter 3.8% B
Burning Sky Plateau #1 3.5% P
Burning Sky Plateau #2 3.5% P
Cellar Head Spring Ale 4.2% G
Chapeau Rouleur 4.0% B
Dark Star Hophead Loral 3.8% G
Dark Star Imperial Stout 10.5% S
Downlands NZ Session IPA 4.5% I
Downlands Papa JR 4.4% P
Engineer Paul's Pick 4.0% M
Firebird Heritage XX 4.0% B
Firebird Single Hop Citra 4.1% P
Franklins Champagne Supernnova 4.6% U
Goldmark Oldmark 5.6% O
Goldmark Red IPA 4.3% I
Greyhound K-9 Session Bitter 3.1% B
Greyhound White Bird 5.1% U
Gribble Lazy Buzzard 4.8% G
Gun Red Ale 4.4% B
Gun Scaramanga Extra Pale 3.9% P
Sussex Brewery Beer ABV Style
Hammerpot Double Helix 5.2% G
Hammerpot This England 4.1% B
Hand High Five 4.6% P
Hand Tomahawk Chop 5.0% O
Harvey's Porter 4.8% O
Harvey's Lewes Castle Brown 4.8% U
Harvey's Wharf IPA 4.8% I
Heathen Heathen Honey 5.5% U
Heathen Mr Wit 5.0% U
Hepworth Iron Horse 4.8% B
High Weald Mosaic Pale 4.2% P
High Weald Off the Chart 5.0% I
Holler Cheat Mode 3.8% P
Holler Loot 5.5% I
Kiln Bricks and Porter 5.6% O
Kiln Pathfinder 4.0% P
Kissingate Black Cherry Mild 4.2% M
Kissingate Blue Murder 8.0% S
Langham Aegir 7.5% S
Langham Decennium 4.0% G
Listers Battersea Tail Wagger 4.1% U
Listers Westmorland Dark Mild 3.7% M
Long Man Copper Hop 4.2% B
Long Man Long Blonde 3.8% G
Loud Shirt Ectasy Stout 6.6% O
Loud Shirt Hallucination Brune 5.6% U
Pin-Up White IPA 4.8% U
Pin-Up Session IPA 4.1% I
Polarity Rosetta's Comet IPA 5.4% I
Riverside Dirty Arthur 4.9% B
Riverside Styening Stinker 4.0% U
Rother Valley Easter Ale 4.4% U
Rother Valley Furious Bru 6.0% U
Three Legs Black Pale 4.5% U
Three Legs Single Hop Pale 4.3% P
Top-Notch XPA (Extra Pale Ale) 4.6% P
Weltons English IPA 3.9% I
Weltons Horsham Pale 3.7% G

Changes (where notified):

Additions: Deletions:

Note that, due to the nature of every beer festival, last-minute substitutions may occur on the day (and some beers may fail to reach condition and may not be available at all).

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